Dear Noah

Dear Noah,  You turned 7 last month and I’m scared to blink incase when my lids open you’re already 17. You’re amazing, you know that? Just such an amazing little man. The way you pick flowers for your Mum on the way back to the car after school, how you still love to cuddle up to me at the end of the day on the couch {thank you Shaun the Sheep}, how much you care.. Read More

Weekend Getaways


Since moving to the coast we’ve been trying to go somewhere new (to us) every weekend. We’ve gone on long Sunday drives, chilled on beaches, visited Maleny {one of my favourite places in Queensland!}, dropped into a dam for a fish and checked out markets on markets on markets. Last weekend was no exception, even though I started it feeling not-so-great, with an invitation from some friends to join them camping on a local beach… Read More

Alopecia Areata Awareness Month – or just Be Your own Beautiful Month.


  Phoenix dragged me over to a gems and crystals stall the other week, fascinated by all the shiny things that were within her reach. While reminding her not to touch anything I was approached by the stall owner. “Good Afternoon,” she says while eyeing my head scarf. “She’s welcome to have a look, she can’t break anything.” talking about Phoenix and her wandering hands. “Don’t bet on it,” I replied with a smile. “Would.. Read More

How I got my eyebrows back.


Unfortunately for me, my Alopecia isn’t restricted to my head. While I’ve already lost my scalp hair, I’ve also lost my eyebrows, top eyelashes and lots of other body hair. Except for under my arms for some reason, I still have to shave there… #rippedoff A couple of weeks ago Hubby dropped me off at the gym and as we pulled up he noticed I had a fleck of something on my eyelid. Reaching over.. Read More

Boxes on boxes on boxes

I started this little blog over 6 years ago now. Noah was a baby and I was a stay at home Mum. Initially I wanted to share my cooking adventures with the world. {Nothing much has changed there!} Then we moved to Central Queensland. My view of my blog changed, it became a way for me to keep my family in touch with Noah. Then Phoenix too when she came along. I’ve posted about funny.. Read More

A clearer way to travel

One thing I love about School Holidays is the excuse to get away. Living in a remote town in Central Queensland, I’ll take any excuse to pack up and explore somewhere new. Being somewhere new and learning all it has to off I love, it’s just the commuting there I don’t much enjoy. If you know one thing about me, its that I love to read. I’ll happily stick my nose in a book the.. Read More

Just brows-ing around….

All in all, I’m kinda okay with my Alopecia this time. It’s all happened before, the major hair loss, wearing scarves and wigs for months on end, drawing on my eyebrows and lashes. It’s odd how normal it feels now. Recently my hair has all fallen out again. I don’t share this as much as I feel I could, as I find it personal and confronting a lot of the¬†time, overwhelming. For me Alopecia doesn’t.. Read More

Translating Barks

Dachshund’s are a popular breed of dog where we live. It seems as though every second home I visit has at least two of them. I can understand why, they’re pretty adorable, a little funny looking, and from what I’ve seen of my Aunt’s¬†Dachshund Eddie, very loving. With the cooler weather I’ve started walking the kids to school a couple of times a week. It’s nice to get out early and stretch our legs and.. Read More

Ladies wear Lipstick

This is my Nanny and I. She was amazing. For the last 10 or so years she lived close to my parents in a quiet little seaside town. Before Hubby and I moved out to the middle of nowhere, we lived there too. The years around our wedding, Hubby was working out here away from home while I was working two jobs, to keep me distracted from his absence mostly. It was hard, having him.. Read More

That is Poetry

Did you know my little blog here has been going to 6 years….? It used to be fuller, recipes in abundance with thoughts and memories of my two as babies, product reviews, heaps more. Then I went and wiped it. Somehow. I don’t even know what I did, but it erased a lot of the content. Apologies if you ever came across a pic on Pinterest and it’s not there anymore. My fault. Luckily, my.. Read More