Boxes on boxes on boxes

I started this little blog over 6 years ago now. Noah was a baby and I was a stay at home Mum. Initially I wanted to share my cooking adventures with the world. {Nothing much has changed there!} Then we moved to Central Queensland. My view of my blog changed, it became a way for me to keep my family in touch with Noah. Then Phoenix too when she came along. I’ve posted about funny.. Read More

A clearer way to travel

One thing I love about School Holidays is the excuse to get away. Living in a remote town in Central Queensland, I’ll take any excuse to pack up and explore somewhere new. Being somewhere new and learning all it has to off I love, it’s just the commuting there I don’t much enjoy. If you know one thing about me, its that I love to read. I’ll happily stick my nose in a book the.. Read More

Just brows-ing around….

All in all, I’m kinda okay with my Alopecia this time. It’s all happened before, the major hair loss, wearing scarves and wigs for months on end, drawing on my eyebrows and lashes. It’s odd how normal it feels now. Recently my hair has all fallen out again. I don’t share this as much as I feel I could, as I find it personal and confronting a lot of the time, overwhelming. For me Alopecia doesn’t.. Read More

Translating Barks

Dachshund’s are a popular breed of dog where we live. It seems as though every second home I visit has at least two of them. I can understand why, they’re pretty adorable, a little funny looking, and from what I’ve seen of my Aunt’s Dachshund Eddie, very loving. With the cooler weather I’ve started walking the kids to school a couple of times a week. It’s nice to get out early and stretch our legs and.. Read More

Ladies wear Lipstick

This is my Nanny and I. She was amazing. For the last 10 or so years she lived close to my parents in a quiet little seaside town. Before Hubby and I moved out to the middle of nowhere, we lived there too. The years around our wedding, Hubby was working out here away from home while I was working two jobs, to keep me distracted from his absence mostly. It was hard, having him.. Read More

That is Poetry

Did you know my little blog here has been going to 6 years….? It used to be fuller, recipes in abundance with thoughts and memories of my two as babies, product reviews, heaps more. Then I went and wiped it. Somehow. I don’t even know what I did, but it erased a lot of the content. Apologies if you ever came across a pic on Pinterest and it’s not there anymore. My fault. Luckily, my.. Read More

I’m starting today again.

I am in a mood today. I actually have a really busy day and seem to have pulled 5 minutes out of nowhere to sit and write but if I don’t I know my mood won’t improve. I said to my kids this morning ‘I might as well talk to a wall,’ then realised I sound exactly like my mother. And for the next five minutes Noah mocked me, mimicking what I said, but to.. Read More

AIP Diet for Alopecia.

I have Alopecia and currently, I’m bald. I have been for around two months now. I’ve been eating gluten-free for years now from the advice of a doctor due to how gluten can affect our autoimmune system. All these years eating GF and I’m still bald. I developed a nasty lactose intolerance around two years ago now and had to cut out my much loved dairy. Nearly two years of gluten and lactose free and.. Read More

On my coffee run. 

While Hubby topped our cars fuel up this morning I ducked into Maccas and grabbed us a coffee for the road.  After ordering I stood to one side and noticed I was in a room full of men in mining hi-vis, all starting out their working day like we were.  One of them sided up to me and held out a folded piece of paper, “Give me a call sometime?” He asked.  Pretty sure my.. Read More

I spy…

Playing a quick game of ‘I Spy’ with the kids before bed. Phoenix always chooses ‘P’ because that’s the only letter she knows straight away (and the answer is always ‘Phoenix!’). Noah’s getting pretty good at connecting the letters to sounds (except C for Crown and K for Kettle). But I just love the guesses they come out with when it’s my turn… “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with C. That’s a.. Read More