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Dear Noah, on your 5th Birthday.

Dear Noah,

I only just realised the other day, as I was thinking about how big you are, that I haven’t written a letter to you this year for your birthday. I know life gets in the way but taking the time for the small things should always be in there. I haven’t written much on my blog lately, so assume that’s why it slipped my mind.

This week you graduated from Kindy. Well, two Kindy’s actually, but both in the same week. This year you’ve learnt so much and have come along in leaps and bounds in every aspect of your little life. You can write your whole name, love drawing pictures for everyone and are so so so imaginative. Your stories are never ending. Seriously, never ending.

And I love it.

With the end of one part comes the new. School next year and I’m already excited for you and how much you’re going to love it and all the learning it brings. Like any first time school mother, I’m wary of the huge adjustment it’ll require on you, but I know you’re so ready for the new adventure.

Lately you’re pushing all the buttons your Dad and I have, but I remind myself that you’ve just finished Kindy, everything is a little different and it’s another learning curve for you. Setting boundaries, I know they’reย both hard for me to uphold and hard for you to stay within.

Lately you’re rising super early in the morning, but have created the habit of watching a few cartoons then making both yourself and Phoenix a Milo each, ready for when she wakes. While you do fight like brothers and sisters, you both play so wellย together, it’s a beautiful reminder of your gentle soul and kind heart. You’re a lover and will take a cuddle anytime you can get it.

I know it’s late, but Happy Birthday, my boy.

Thank you for letting me be your Mumma.

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