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Dragons in my Backyard

Apparently there are dragonsΒ in my backyard.

They roam around when we’re sleeping, gnawing on the flowers from the neighbours tree overhanging our fence. They hide quietly in the sand pit or under the trampoline.

If you listen very carefully, you can hear them talk to each other. Sometimes its a quiet roar. Sometimes they’re LOUD!

There are good dragons and bad dragons. Toothless is, obviously, a good one. All the rest are bad. They want to eat my children. So Noah and Phoenix scare them off with old garden rocks.

You have to pick the rocks up high and SLAM them down onto the driveway….er….dragons! They explode in a fiery storm and incinerate the bad dragons in a blink of an eye.


Apparently there are a lot of dragons.

You have to run around, darting in between the explosions. MakeΒ sure you’re feet don’t get burnt or eaten off! Throw your fireballs at the dragons and keep yourself safe!


The fireballs explode upon impact, shattering outwards like a starburst. You have to do heaps and completely cover the area to make sure all the bad dragons have been scared away. Or incinerated.

When the fight is over we sweep up the aftermath, retelling our tales of victory against the bad Red Dragons.

All to be repeated again tomorrow afternoon.