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Way too Big

I don’t know about you but for me, the school holidays were over in a blink. One minute we were eating Zooper Doopers and celebrating Christmas and the next second this happens:

Both of my children are at school this year.


I’ve had countless people say “what are you going to do with yourself now that they’re both at school?” Well I haven’t yet stopped long enough to sit and contemplate that, and that’s the way I intend to keep it. 

Noah has adjusted well to Grade 2, fitting back in with his friends and playing Jurassic World at lunch time. Phoenix is still adjusting to the change, even though she’s been in Day Care since she was little. It’s a pretty full on change though. This morning she didn’t want to let me go so I stuck up a deal “You stay today and I’ll let you have the day off tomorrow”

“Really??” She asked

“Really,” I answered with a smile, knowing that she doesn’t yet understand the concept of a Public Holiday means a Day off school and that the next day was Australia Day. 

It feels so much like the start of a new era. I’ve always dreaded the day they both went to school, nothing scares me more than the idea of life flying by quicker than I can keep up with it and nothing makes life fly by more than everyday routine. 

How will I keep the days from flying? Besides doing the job I love with Thermomix, I’m still figuring the rest out…