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10 Things to do when you loose your TV Remote.

1. Do something else than watch TV.

2. Turn the house upside down looking for it, and in the process, clean it from top to bottom. It’ll never be so tidy again. 

3. Learn to crochet using YouTube tutorials or ‘How-To’s’ on Pinterest. 

4. Write that novel you’ve been talking about writing for years now. {note to self….}

5. Cook something yummy. 

6. Fold the laundry. You know you have to. JFDI. 

7. Ask everyone on Facebook where it is? You’ll get 10,000 replies!

8. Pull the weeds out of your garden. 

9. Write a blog post about losing your remote. 

10. Check in the shopping bags that you re-use every time you go to Aldi. 😉 😉