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Top Tips for Hosting a Thermomix Cooking Experience

I’ve been sharing the love of all things Thermomix for a little over three years now, so I’d say I know a thing or two about hosting a successful Thermomix event. I’ve shown the Thermomix in to many, from the small and quaint groups to the large and overwhelming dinners, you name it, I’ve done it.

Crazy ones hosted in the evening where every man, woman, child and dog seems to be in the same room, kids running around like headless chooks while one interested guest shouts questions at me from over the roar. Intimate ones where a few close friends sit around a bench, so close to the Thermomix that they touch it (and they can’t take their hands off it!), murmuring ways of sneaking one past their Hubby and onto their own kitchen benches. Husbands, firing off a million and one questions at a time, trying to see if they can find a flaw before finally admitting its the best thing they’ve seen since sliced bread.

Cooks from all walks of life, from the beginner novice, to people who would rather do burpees than make dinner to the advanced home chef, have all invested their time and money into their Thermomix, getting the most out of their cooking experience.

Now it could be your turn. Maybe you’ve already booked in a date. Or you remember them from Masterchef and want to learn more about how this fabulous machine can work for you and your lifestyle. Your friend who can’t cook (and hates cooking) has suddenly been turning out Chux Pastries like it’s a walk in the park (it is) and you want to know how. 

From the experience of consulting, here’s my Top Tips for Hosting a Thermomix Cooking Experience:

  • Setting the time and date – Chose a time that you’re relaxed. You don’t have to rush anywhere straight away and you get to ask your Consultant all the questions you may have. Most Consultants are quite flexible with their availabilities so don’t hesitate to ask for a time that works. In my experience, it’s always better set a time to work with and move it if it doesn’t work for your guests than the other way around. 
  • Inviting guests – My advice is to think of people who you think may like to see the Thermomix over people who you think may buy. Think of your friends who are time poor, love cooking, hate cooking, interested in health, cooking for allergies, etc. Your Cooking Experience is an opportunity to see the Thermomix in action to learn more about it yourself or share your passion!
  • Getting ready – Your Consultant should bring most of the ingredients already prepared but for the few things we can’t bring, you should be provided with a list of what to have ready. 
  • Consider disposable plates and cutlery – In my experience, the majority of the cooking  experiences I’ve held have been in the evening and we all know how little we want to do the dishes after dinner with friends. Consider using (eco friendly) disposable plates and cutlery to minimise any excess washing up later!  
  • Bring your Appetite – Don’t underestimate how much food your Thermomix Cooking Experience will produce!! Don’t eat first as you’ll want to try everything you create together in the Thermomix! 
  • Write down any questions in advance – It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of sharing the Thermomix with your friends in your very own kitchen that your carefully thought out questions may be forgotten. Write down your questions somewhere accessible (like your phone!) so that you know the answer to everything you’re looking for. 
  • Have fun!! – The most vital ingredient to your Thermomix Cooking Experience, enjoy it!! Relax, spend time with friends, create and eat some fantastic food and have fun! 
  • Brochures- If you’re still considering the investment, if you have a friend who couldn’t make it or if you need to show a family member what you’ve been banging on about all this time, ensure you keep a brochure at home at the end. 
  • Book the other Cooking Experience – I’ve never had a Cooking Experience with an existing Thermomix owner where they didn’t walk away learning something they didn’t know before. Even as consultants, we’re always learning new ways the Thermomix helps our lifestyles. Not only will you learn more, but there is always a host reward you can qualify for! How many ThermoServers can one kitchen need? (9. My answer is 9. How many do you have?)