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A Letter From my Past Self

Did you know that there’s a website where you can write to yourself? Totally not in a creepy kind of way, your future self. It’s called

I read about it a couple of years ago and decided to try it out, then late last year I received an email from my 2013 self.

Noah was nearly 4 and I thought that was insane, but now that Phoenix is over 4 I question my sleep-deprived 2013 sanity. Noah was well into Spider-man, collecting treasure and telling stories. Not much has changed except that Spider-Man obsession is now a Pokemon/Dragons Obsession.

Phoenix was 20 months old and talking in one word sentences. While she was slower to talk she now is just as (if not more) talkative than her big Bro. I thought she was tall for her age and that still hasn’t changed. The amount of times I get asked if my two are twins is still shocking.

Hubby was working on a Harley that he now no longer has because he stopped working on his Harley. We were still living in Centra Qld – probably the biggest change. I’ve moved from a part-time radio job to Thermomix full-time.

The Offspring TV show had just killed Patrick. I’m still devastated. 

My youngest sister was heavily pregnant with my nephew and my other had just won an amazing big award for her work. Now my youngest has two (and a half!) little ones and our middle won another two big awards, travelled overseas, moved to Brisbane, continued to advance her amazing career. All while we were living in the middle of Hot-Ass-Middle-Of-Nowhere-Country.

I then crapped on about how much I loved the iPhone and iPad my kids now mainly throw around as toys, disposable technology. But at the end, I love this line:

‘You should really start going to bed earlier. You need sleep more than whatever crap is on TV.’ 

Yep, not much really changes. I’m off to write another letter so my FutureMe can look back and laugh at 2017 me.

What would you write in a letter to your future self?