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A clearer way to travel

One thing I love about School Holidays is the excuse to get away. Living in a remote town in Central Queensland, I’ll take any excuse to pack up and explore somewhere new.

Being somewhere new and learning all it has to off I love, it’s just the commuting there I don’t much enjoy.

If you know one thing about me, its that I love to read. I’ll happily stick my nose in a book the whole car ride there to escape the monotony of the drive. Hubby can’t understand it, ‘Look at all the scenery you’re missing out on,’ he’ll exclaim. Meh. I’ve seen one Gum tree, I’ve seen them all. Give me a good book anyday.

I’m sure our kids have inherited my lack of enthusiasm for the commute as well, preferring to play an iPad, read or sleep than to stare out the window for hours at a time. I think Hubby prefers to drive so he can keep an eye out for hidden creeks and bridges he’ll stop and flick a lure in.

I think travelling always brings out the bugs in people. Sitting for hours makes my nose stuffy. After reading for hours my eyes are tired. Then I nap and wake with dunes of sleep sand on my face right when we stop for lunch. Not a pretty look.ย 

Recently FESS sent me a little Travel Pack that included their Frequent Flyer Nasal Spray. I stuck it at my feet our last trip so I could grab it when I woke for the lunch time break. I used the Nasal Spray to clear the dust out of my sinuses and the Eye Mist to revive myself so I didn’t look like I just woke up. Which I had. But no one really needs to look like that, right?

FullSizeRender 2

I loved the light Tea Tree scent that the nasal spray has, just enough to clear my head without sending it off like a rocket. I’ve also noticed that more dust gets into my sinuses lately, I’ve realised that I must be loosing those protective hairs there as well and giving everything clear path. The FESS Frequent Flyer spray worked so well to clear everything out, it’s now planted in my handbag!

Now that we’re home, I’ll be keeping the rest of this pack close to the front door for our next trip away.

How do you enjoy pass the time commuting for your getaways?ย 

Me and my Tap Shoes


When I was six I started Tap Dancing and I immediately fell in love with it. The sounds of my feet rhythmically flying across wooden floors, the air whizzing past my face with each turn just made my heart sing. I’ve lots track of the amount of glittery, sequinned, frilly, extravagant costumes I’ve worn over the years. From my first white leotard with a silver bow for a ‘Music Box Dancer’ routine to an all in one red catsuit for a christmas number in the last dance concert I was in.

I continued tap dancing throughout school and well into my Uni years. It was my one constant. The one thing I could always count on to de-stress my life at the time. One hour of dance can make a whole week brighter.

I stopped around 10 years ago. Uni was getting full on, Hubby and I had decided to move closer to home, I started working more. Reasons, reasons, reasons. Life becomes busier and tap moved further and further to the back of my mind.

A few years ago I participated in a local Theatre Production. Acting, singing and dancing on stage brought back so many feelings. The calmย that comes with knowing the audience is enjoying the performance. My voice evoking hidden feelings, how dance makes some people squirm in their seat and others feet itch to get up and move.

It lit a little ember in the fires of my belly.

Earlier this year I pulled my shoes out from a box shoved up the back of my wardrobe and dusted them off. They’re about 13 years old, well worn and much loved, having been painted at least three different colours then back to their original tan. I signed up for the only Adult Tap class in the town and went along.

Just like riding a bike, I was a little sketchy at first but after a few big pedals I was once again flying across the wooden stage. I feltย like I was being greeted by a long lost loved one, enveloped in one great big hug. Like I’d come home.

Silly me didn’t wear any socks to my first lesson and oh man, the blisters!! Take my advice and invest in some decent foot care! I need to go out and grab a pedicure set to crushing my sore feet but in the meantime I’m using some Scholl Blister Shield Plasters. Oh the relief!

Now I long for every Tuesday afternoon (wait, that’s today!!) where I can dash off and lose myself in music and rhythm again. When I’m there, it’s just for me. I don’t need to wipe any snotty noses, sell anything or impress anyone. I’m there for me. Just me and my tap shoes.

Leap Of Faith

Next to my bed I have 20 books. You can see them all here:


Okay, so it doesn’t look like 20, but that thing in the middle is my iPad and right now it’s chock-a-block full of titles I haven’t read yet and some I like to re-read over and over again. While I love that through technology I can take 18 books with me everywhere I go, there’s nothing like the smell of freshly printed pages from a real book.

Leap of Faith is my most recent real book read and the fourth book from Australian Author Fiona McCallum that I’ve read and if she published another book tomorrow I’d be first to grab it. I love the honest Australian outback farmer stories she’s so good at writing. Being drawn into the life of a strong woman and watching her as she overcomes the struggles in front of her.

I love that her main characters are women in the outback. Such a different perspective to the general Aussie farmer. Reading about their struggles and daily life is something I’m so far removed from, even though I do live in the middle of nowhere in Australia. Her stories are always books I honestly enjoy.

If you’re a horse or riding lover, you will definitely enjoy this book. Being drawn into the world of horses seems like a love you can’t escape from, even when you’re longing too, like McCallum’s main character, Jessica Harrington nee Collins, tries too after a riding accident. But sometimes you just can’t, and shouldn’t, escape what is part of you.

When you’re finished Leap of Faith, be sure to pick up her Button Jar Series!

Leap of Faith is available at all good book stores now.