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I broke my blog…

So…..I broke my blog.

I wanted to upload a recipe late one evening and couldn’t sign in. Then couldn’t find a ‘Forgot your password’ option and went in the back way. Long story short…I’ve lost all my posts from around September last year.

All my Thermomix recipes, gone.

All my Grateful thoughts, gone.

All my nonsense ramblings, thankfully gone.

For a day or so after I broke it, I toyed with the idea of just giving it up. I haven’t been posting as much lately as life is happening and I’m enjoying it. But I do love to share the odd good recipe creation. Or the gift of being grateful. Or the book that I just read. Or the joys that parenthood brings, along with the tantrums and endless bottles of wine….

And in the end, I had to assess why I blog. I’m no blogging guru and will never be, but it’s just something I do. I started it to share recipes and learn how to write properly. I continued it to be able to share with my family what my kids and I get up to while we live in the middle of nowhere. Now that my Mum is out here closer to us, I didn’t feel the need to write as much. But my love of food and being able to just sit and write (and vent!!!) eventually won over, and my heart made the decision for me.

The blog stays.

So, if there was any particular recipe  you liked previously, let me know and I’ll re-write it. I have a copy of most of the recipes and will be endeavouring to upload them, albeit slowly. My blog theme needs re-working and re-adjusting to look the way I had it, and I’ve since learnt to BACK UP! BACK UP! BACK UP!!! as I’m no tech guru either.

While I mourn the loss of the many many posts I had, I look forward to this forced fresh start and hope to bring you lots of new and exciting recipes, ideas and more of Life as a Modern Day Mother.