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How to get What you Want

Recently I was lucky enough to attend a fantastic conference for Thermomix Consultants – ThermoFest, held this year on the Gold Coast.

We had a few jam packed days that were abundant in fun, learning, goals, sun bathing, cocktail sipping and lots and lots of dancing! It was amazing and if you’re a consultant and aiming for next years ThermoFest, I throughly encourage you to reach for your goals. Maybe I’ll meet you there!

One highlight for me was when Michelle Bridges gave her fabulous keynote speech. If you’ve ever embarked on a weightless journey….one that last for, say, 12 weeks….her speech seems like a mash up of some of the best of the mindset video’s available within her program.

I’m big on goals. I love setting goals and writing them down just so I can cross them off as they fly past. I love that I work for a company that set not only monthly goals but business improvement goals as well as 6 monthly goals – 4 times a year, so two will always overlap each other. Then on top of that, I can set my own goals and work to achieve them

Don’t forget that goal’s don’t just have to be within your work or business. For me, as a Mum I have goals we’ve broken down throughout the week to help the daily routine run smoothly. Hubby and I have our own financial goals. I have goals I want to reach within my life journey; write a novel, travel and eat at wonderful places around the world and do more singing to name a few; and writing them down and charting a course to obtain them is one of my favourite pastimes.

I loved the information Michelle gave and created this visual reminder of ‘How to Get What you Want’ from my notes, and as I love to share I thought I’d just leave it here…

You’re welcome.


15 Things to do in 2015

15 Things to do in

Now that it’s the end of January and some kind of normality is being restored with the start of school and all, I’m beginning to think of what I want to achieve in 2015.

Lots. Which is always my case. But in the meantime, I’ll make a list and stick to that.

So here’s 15 Things to do in 2015.

1. Laugh Out Loud. Go see a funny movie or a comedian. Laughing gives you endorphins and makes you happy. Be Happy.

2. Go Somewhere New. Maybe it’s to that store you’ve been hearing about. Or a trip overseas. Take a step out of your everyday and go somewhere new.

3. Take More Photos. Then do yourself a favour and actually get them printed out. I just got a bunch of wall stickers printed from my Instagram photos through TinyMe and they’re amazing. Show off your photos and happy times.

4. Have a Haircut. Pamper yourself.

5. Plant Something. Make a vegetable garden for your kitchen or just keep a no-maintenance succulent.

6. Listen to Music. Turn off the TV, tune into the radio and dance any bad mood or nervousness away. Whenever the kids are having a nutso day I ban the TV and iPads (screen-free time) and blast Taylor Swift.

7. Make Something New. Are you handy with the tools? My hubby is and I’m keeping a Pinterest Board of projects for him to do this year (unbeknown to him). If you’re not so handy, don’t sweat it. Make something simple instead. Like a salad.

8. Eat Cake. Need I say more?

9. Write something. My aim is to finish my novel this year (I’m meticulous and it’s taking me forrrrrreever!!!!) or you could write a song, poem, short story, shopping list, new recipe. Anything.

10. Get your Eyes Tested. If you haven’t in the past two years. Since Noah got his glasses I realised that nearly everyone else in my family wear glasses so I went off and got my eyes tested. 20/20. Yay for me!

11. Love more. Love your family. Love your friends. Love your plants. Love your food. Love your money. Love your job. Or if you hate it, find one you do love.

12. Eat Something New. Make that dish you’ve heard people raving about, or ask someone else to make it for you. Like at a cafe. Just put it in your gob.

13. Treat Yourself. Arm candy or a new necklace. Or some new ink. Or some bling earrings. Even make it yourself if you’re so inclined. But do something to make you feel pretty.

14. Shoot Forward. Take 2015 by the balls and propel yourself into everything you love. Like blog writing….

15. Unlock your Potential. If you know what you’re good at, excel in it. If you don’t, find your key and unlock your hidden talent. This is your year!

What do you want to achieve in 2015?