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NaNoWriMo – My Novel

If you remember, I posted earlier last month that during November I was taking part in NaNoWriMo – National November Writers Movement – in an attempt to write my first Novel.

The aim is that you challenge yourself to write 50,000 words during one month. Just sit and write. And write. And write. And write. And eat. Then write just a little bit more.

I thought November would be the perfect month for me to attempt this, seeing as we were going to spend nearly two weeks in a Motorhome, so I loaded up my iPad with my story idea and we set off.

I’d write. Then Hubby would tell me to put the iPad down and enjoy the scenery….

Lots of wheat and bare trees. Windmills. A Big Apple. A Big Guitar. A Big Banana then rolling green hills.

There’s only so many green hills I can look at. So I’d pick up the iPad and again, start writing. “You’re missing it all” Hubby would gip. Down the iPad went and more green hills. Some gorgeous beaches. Lots of fun at Big4 Parks with the kids. And when they were tucked up in bed, a little more writing.

I didn’t reach my 50,000 word goal but am currently very happily sitting at 22,496. It’s more than I’ve ever written before and I’ve been writing a little more each night before I go to bed lately, so am happy with my progress so far.

I’ve learnt a lot about my writing in the past month. I’m meticulous and will go over what I’ve just written until I’m happy with it before moving onto the next section. I don’t write my book from Start to End, rather having the chapters come to mind and I’ll go there and write out what I need to. The characters jump out at me and let me know that I need to fill in that blank right now.

So, while I’m not going to share anymore of my book with you, I will tell you it’s title, if you like? It’s a Young Adult Fiction novel. A Vampire story I’ve had in my head for quite a while now, and I’m so happy to be getting it on paper. I’m happy with the title and have even done up a simple graphic for it, but that’s liable to change with my hair colour. Right now, it’s:




I’m aiming to finish my first draft by the end of January, wish me luck!!

NaNoWriMo, My Beginner Novel



I’ve mentioned before that I initially started this blog to learn how to write, right? I’ve seen the NaNoWriMo challenge going around yearly and have always thought, one day…

This November Hubby and I are taking the kids on a holiday. We’re hiring a motorhome and driving inland through two states then taking the breezy coastal road back, all over two weeks. We’re going to have a ball, and I’m conscious that there’s going to be a lot of down time.

I tend to get bored easily. Hence why I have two kids, two jobs and two dogs. One Husband is plenty enough.

So I’ve signed up for this year and am aiming to write (or complete) a novel. Nothing fancy and I have no aims of it becoming some instant bestseller, but to just be able to say – I wrote a book. If it’s any good, I may even self-publish. But they are thoughts for next year.

And, I’ve already kinda started writing a book. So it’s a bit of motivation to get it done. In the motorhome, while we drive around eastern Australia. Even if I just hit my minimum daily count, I’ll be happy.

My book is a YA Fiction and still untitled. I don’t want to give too much away but thought I’d share an excerpt with you. Cos’ I’m nice like that. 🙂


Chapter 1


    In and out, slowly. Taking my time and relishing with each draw and slow exhale. Feeling the clean crisp and cool air rush in through my nose, the scent of pine from the trees I pass filling my senses. I hold my breath for just a moment before I release it, out through my mouth. The morning mist is cool on my lightly tanned skin, dampening my black jacket and leggings before finally permeating through my new sneakers, always soaking my shoes until they fall apart. 

    Or maybe it’s the running I’m doing that wears them through so quickly…


    Just because I can. Not that I even need to. 

    Breathing clears my mind, running keeps me moving. If I didn’t run, I’d suddenly have a lot of spare hours everyday to fill. Spare hours can be dangerous. 

    I slow my pace a little as I come closer to a town, passing houses with smoking chimneys and empty pastures that lay still and waiting for winter to pass before the earth gets dug into again with hope and seeds. 

    Making my way down the side of the range and closer to civilization, I slow to a walk so the few cars that pass think that I’m just another morning walker. Another young tourist in their small Italian village that dots the bottom region of the country.  

My shoes start to squelch under my feet so I stop for a moment, pulling the elastic out of my mid length blonde hair and re-tying it up while removing my shoes before I cross the road to enter the seaside village, built around terracotta coloured buildings and stone pavements. Holding my dripping shoes and walking barefoot between the homes I admire the simpleness of it all. Short Italian women shaking the dust from their homes in the mid-morning sunlight, some singing to themselves quietly while most yell at their children to knead the bread or stir the lunch time meal, which is already sitting on the stove top bubbling away. I make a conscious effort to breathe again, drawing in the hearty scents of tomato, rosemary and basil, with tones of olive oil floating on the air… 

More to come!