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Dear Phoenix, after your Birthday


Dear Phoenix,

I just realised I missed writing my On Your Birthday letter to you late last year. I’m sorry, here it is. And you know what they always say about better being late than never…

You are now 4. You’ve just started the Kindergarten Program at Day Care and everyday you’re showing how bigger and older and beautiful you are. Even though you’re now capable of mega meltdowns when told ‘no’, acting like you’re starving even 5 minutes, and getting your big bro into more trouble then needs to be, you’re still our bright ray of sunshine.

You wake up happy (and starving, apparently) and go to sleep happy. You’re constantly smiling and lately singing ‘it’s okaaaaaaay, that’s okaaaaaaay, let it goooooo!’ and every single song you’ve learnt so far at Kindy. Now the alphabet songs ends with the demand of ‘Next time you will sing with me!’ instead of a request and I love it.

You are just the happiest person I know.

You’re favourite food is pizza and cake and yoghurt, though you’ll eat more at Kindy than you do at home. You love your fiends and love company but love ‘Big Hugs’ most of all. You’ve just started really playing with the Barbies you received the year before last and you’re imaginary play with Noah has grown. You two are always running around with some sort of battle or drama or play but my favourite part is when you both claim to be ‘Best Friends’. That just warms my heart so much.

You’re speech has improved in leaps and bounds, with most everyone being able to understand you now, which is such a relief to the frustration you were experiencing. You talk and sing endlessly, with absolutely no sense of an ‘inside voice’. Sometimes my ears need a rest but most of the time it’s wonderful.

In this past month alone we’ve dropped all sense of ‘baby-ness’ and you’re such a big girl now. The perfect completion to our family.

In this year I wish you more. More happiness. More play. More best friends and big hugs. More courage to eat new foods (!!!) and more songs to make up. More of you.

Thank you for letting me be your Mum and to watch your grow.

All my Love.


Dear Noah


Dear Noah,

Today you turned 6. All day I’ve been reflecting on the day you were born, at 16 minutes past midnight. You were 6 all day, not from 2 in the afternoon, all day. You started your life fresh on a new day and that’s the way you seem to do everything. You like to start things completely from scratch, making every step as you go. You get frustrated quickly when things don’t work out but you are learning about how important it is to try and try and try again.

You are full of life and energy and curiosity and you want to know everything about everything, yesterday. This year you’re in Prep at School and while I was worried about the transition to school, you’re excelling and thriving on every aspect. It’s fulfilling that hunger for learning you always have.

You’re favourite colour is ‘Rainbow’, you love ‘My Little Pony’ and ‘Mia and Me’ and anything to do with superheroes. You draw a picture nearly every day, you will do anything to get out of doing homework and you’re a fantastic reader for a 6 year old but couldn’t really be bothered with it yet.

Wait till you discover the world of Harry Potter…..

You both adore and can’t stand your little sister. Somedays she’s your best friends, the next minute you’re fighting. But at the end of the day, you love her and me and your Daddy and that’s all that matters.

You love a big hug and I love to give them to you.

I wish you a long, healthy and happy year. I can’t wait to see everything you do in another 12 months.

Thank you for choosing me as your Mumma.

Love always,