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Today I’m Grateful For…


My parents live in our family home, a street or so back from a quiet little beach. In the afternoons, when the sun would cast it’s golden rays along the shore, we’d walk down to the sand. The feel of it between my toes, always warm from the day’s heat yet always relaxing. Always home.

This sign is along that walk. It used to display something else, but time and weather had worn it away. The last time I was there it had been repainted and now proudly tells everyone who walks or drives past to ‘Love Each Other’.

Best sign ever.

This week seems longer and I completely attribute that to the busy-ness of it. Not only has school holidays well and truly set in but Hubby went away for a few days of RnR, I hosted some training for work at my place, the kids went mental from the full moon…

I’m very Grateful it’s Sunday.

Today I’m Grateful for….

  • Encouragement. Especially in regards to work. Training to help skill me to be a better consultant, encouragement to head in the right direction, hitting goals and setting new ones.
  • My Husband. Even though he’s currently on the couch dying of the Man-flu. I noticed my short patience with the kids when he wasn’t here and how much more I have when I know he’s around to back me up if I need it. There are plenty of days I need it.
  • I’m nearly always Grateful for Coffee, right? I suppose if Noah actually like to sleep past 5:40 am, coffee probably wouldn’t be held so close. And clung too.
  • My happy and healthy (although snotty!) children. Nothing is more of a blessing than that.

What are you Grateful for today?

Sunday Gratefulness

The Secret-2

Trying to do something weekly would be okay if the weeks weren’t flying by. Some days I feel like we’re dancing through them and enjoying every moment and others feel like I’m just holding on by the seat of my pants.

Every Sunday I intend on posting my Sunday Gratefulness post along side sending a weekly work report and other emails that need sending out, but my post only seems to happen about 12 times a year at the moment.

Could time slow down a little please?

This week I’m grateful for:

  • The Water Park, our local playgrounds and Netflix – making the most of school holidays.
  • Cooler weather. Might not be the Autumn I desire but at least we can now go outside at 5pm without getting heatstroke.
  • Sleep-in’s and Pancakes

What are you grateful for this week?

Sunday Gratefulness


My Sunday Gratefulness. This week I have a lot to be Grateful for!

  • My Husband. Playing stay at home Dad for four days and taking care of our children without complaint while I jet it off with work. Supporting me and my career, a job I absolutely love, by taking over the house and child duties all on his own. He’s one amazing man.
  • Thermomix! The people I’ve met, new friends I’ve made, customers who have become friends and helped me along my journey. What an amazing company to work for! Then the rewards for all that hard work – four days away staying at the Gold Coast with amazing opportunities. A-may-zing. Making new friends and being inspired by being completely immersed in all things Thermomix. What a wonderful few days!
  • Safe flights!!!!!!!!
  • Honey and lemon. I pushed off a head cold for as long as I could while away but it slammed into me the second I got home. Chicken noodle soup packed full of garlic and ginger. Go away sickness!!!
  • Movies while I’m sick and the kids are going mental. A play in the park then movies in air-condition to distract them while I mope about and recover.

What are you grateful for this week?