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A clearer way to travel

One thing I love about School Holidays is the excuse to get away. Living in a remote town in Central Queensland, I’ll take any excuse to pack up and explore somewhere new.

Being somewhere new and learning all it has to off I love, it’s just the commuting there I don’t much enjoy.

If you know one thing about me, its that I love to read. I’ll happily stick my nose in a book the whole car ride there to escape the monotony of the drive. Hubby can’t understand it, ‘Look at all the scenery you’re missing out on,’ he’ll exclaim. Meh. I’ve seen one Gum tree, I’ve seen them all. Give me a good book anyday.

I’m sure our kids have inherited my lack of enthusiasm for the commute as well, preferring to play an iPad, read or sleep than to stare out the window for hours at a time. I think Hubby prefers to drive so he can keep an eye out for hidden creeks and bridges he’ll stop and flick a lure in.

I think travelling always brings out the bugs in people. Sitting for hours makes my nose stuffy. After reading for hours my eyes are tired. Then I nap and wake with dunes of sleep sand on my face right when we stop for lunch. Not a pretty look. 

Recently FESS sent me a little Travel Pack that included their Frequent Flyer Nasal Spray. I stuck it at my feet our last trip so I could grab it when I woke for the lunch time break. I used the Nasal Spray to clear the dust out of my sinuses and the Eye Mist to revive myself so I didn’t look like I just woke up. Which I had. But no one really needs to look like that, right?

FullSizeRender 2

I loved the light Tea Tree scent that the nasal spray has, just enough to clear my head without sending it off like a rocket. I’ve also noticed that more dust gets into my sinuses lately, I’ve realised that I must be loosing those protective hairs there as well and giving everything clear path. The FESS Frequent Flyer spray worked so well to clear everything out, it’s now planted in my handbag!

Now that we’re home, I’ll be keeping the rest of this pack close to the front door for our next trip away.

How do you enjoy pass the time commuting for your getaways? 

My Ultimate Wish List

Ultimatewish list

Lately I’ve been reading ‘Blog Posts Suggestion’ lists, as a way to be a little more inspired to write here more often and one of the suggestions I found was your ‘Ultimate Wish List’. I am so down with that.

I’m a huge believer in just asking for what you want. Not necessarily to someone directly, but more so putting it ‘out there’ somewhere, in the world. Ask verbally, write it down, journal it, sing it, scrapbook it, vision board it, blog it. Just ask.

Because if you don’t ask for what you want, how will it know to come to you?

Around Christmas time I usually publish a ‘Christmas Wish List’ kind of post. It started as a way to give Hubby a helping hint but as the years went on I realised it was one of the best ways I was asking for the things I desired. Then as the next year pasted, almost everything made it’s way to me. Simply because I asked for it.

So, what’s in my Ultimate Wish List?

1. A cure for Alopecia. I will always put this out there as it’s something I crave above everything else. Living with Alopecia for nearly 8 years I’ve come to some kind of acceptance with my hair but my confidence even now still takes a battering when I have a new spot to cover. No, it’s not a life threatening illness and yes, it’s only hair-loss but that can make a massive difference to anybody’s confidence and their life. You can ready more about my Alopecia journey here. If there is one thing I crave over anything else it’s a full head of hair.

2. A Successful Business. All my adult life I’ve yearned to run my own successful cafe. I’m at the point where I’m mentally ready to start but my family isn’t at the right stage. We want to wait until Phoenix is at school before committing to such a big venture. The older I get the more certain I am about my Cafe. It’s going to be health food focused with a small deli and fantastic coffee. I want cream walls with green and brown trimmings, giving it a natural earthy feel. I’ve already started working on my menu, with a huge emphasis on seasonal produce. It even has a name. It’s just out there waiting for me to start. (upon re-reading this post I’ve realised I already have a successful business with Thermomix. I’m loving how it’s allowing me to learn more about running a business without the demands of a full-time cafe business just yet. Easing into my dream…) 

3. Disneyland! Because, honestly, who doesn’t want to go there.

4. Travelling.  I want to eat a croissant in France. Pizza in Italy. Bangers and Mash in England. I’ve crossed off Laska in Thailand and Sushi in Japan already, but my Ultimate holiday is a food holiday where I leave the scales at home and bring my digestive tablets with me.

5. Living closer to Family. Living in a rural Mining town, many many many hours away from my family has brought home what really matters. One day, when we have the cafe maybe, I hope to live much closer to my sisters and parents. In the same town even. The isolation can be very hard out here at times and I yearn to be able to duck around to my sisters place for a cuppa.

Okay, so at this point in time, that’s my Ultimate Wish List. What’s on your list?